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VC SC10-22C


The VC SC10-22C MAX CAPACITY is the total solution for today’s new world of technology! It is factory equipped with a backend management software. You can track sales & inventory, run reports, get alerts if your machine has a malfunction, etc. This machine can interface with all the latest payment platforms such as Grab Pay, Touch N Go, Boost, Maybank, QQR, Paywave, Payrange, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more.

Picture Condition
N - New

Credit Card
Money Systems 2.2
Custom Graphics
Age Verification

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The VC SC10-22C MAX CAPACITY has not only the greatest available technology but it is so well built with special features such as a 22'' Touch Screen which allows the operator the ability to upload video and sell advertising for an additional revenue stream. The user can use the shopping cart feature to make multiple purchases creating more revenue!   Groundbreaking new technology! The glass merchandising door is double layered and is electrically heated to ensure that the glass does not fog up & it eliminates condensation. The body is explosion resistant and smash-resistant and can resist up to one ton of external force!   The VC SC10-22C MAX CAPACITY is modular so the shelves can be altered to have larger or smaller sizes as well as the selections. Selections can be spaced out to have less choices to accommodate larger products. This machine will vend Drinks, Snacks, Food or specialty items and has a special refrigeration system that both cools & heats! The cabinet temperature ranges from 32 degrees to 77 degrees. The standard configuration using traditional spirals can be changed out for a conveyor system to accommodate odd sized products which adds great flexibility to what kind of products the machine can vend.   The VC SC10-22C MAX CAPACITY comes with a side pantry for additional storage, a secure - lockable cash box, a guaranteed vend system (holds credit until product is dispensed) as well as LED lighting.
Weight 710 lbs
Dimensions D 34.5" x W 51" x H 76.5"


MDB (Cashless)

Credit Card Reader Compatible

Snack Selections

*25 selections – as shown in our standard configuration. Selections and shelves can be altered.

Drink Selections

*30 selections – as shown in standard configuration

Drink Compatibility

8.4 oz Can, 10 oz Bottle, 12 oz Can, 16 oz Can Energy Drink, 16.9 oz Bottle, 16.9 oz Water, 20 oz Bottle


5 Wide





Vend Sensor


Screen Size


For further details on condition, please see our Machine Condition Details.

A – Excellent
  • Cosmetic condition: 9-10
  • Paint and bodywork (when applicable)
  • Detail cleaned
  • Thoroughly tested and working
  • Serviced money systems

B – Good

  • Cosmetic condition: 6-8
  • Normal visible wear and tear, minor scratches, nicks, dents, scuffs, dings, various cosmetic imperfections, etc.
  • Wiped down, not detail cleaned
  • Thoroughly tested and working
  • Serviced money systems

C – Fair

  • Cosmetic condition: 3-5
  • Blemishes that exceed normal wear and tear, scratches, nicks, dents, scuffs, dings, rust, various cosmetic imperfections, etc.
  • Wiped down, not detail cleaned
  • Thoroughly tested and working
  • Serviced money systems

F – Bad

  • Cosmetic condition: 1-2
  • Severe blemishes i.e. rust, large dents, severe scratches, major cracks or see-through graphic, etc.
  • Not cleaned at all, left “as-is” cosmetically but, mechanically functional
  • Thoroughly tested primary purposes functioning, secondary functions may not work optimally, i.e. lights, hinges…
  • Serviced money systems

There are no returns or cancellations on special orders or custom orders (i.e. new machines, custom graphics, etc.).

All other items are subject to a 25% restocking charge and shipping charges from us to the buyer (even if it is included in the price of the machine there is a cost) and shipping charges to send the vending machine back to Vending Concepts will be the full responsibility of the buyer. The buyer is also responsible for properly securing the vending machine back on a pallet and wrapping it up to ensure safe shipping back to Vending Concepts. If the machine is sent back and not in the same condition it was in when it shipped from Vending Concepts the buyer will be responsible for all other charges to get the vending machine back in that condition but not to exceed the original cost of the machine.

There is a cost to free shipping to Vending Concepts. We have to pay full price for shipping (although free to the buyer) and when a buyer wants to return a machine the buyer becomes fully responsible for the complete amount of the shipping costs. Vending Concepts will provide an invoice from the trucking company for the shipping cost from Vending Concepts to the buyer. The buyer is solely responsible for those costs upon returning a machine. The buyer is also solely responsible for all the costs associated with sending the machine back and can elect to use their own shipping or Vending Concepts can assist with obtaining the best quote possible. The buyer will continue to be the owner of the machine until it is received in the same condition as was purchased by the buyer and a refund is issued for the machine purchase less shipping, restocking fees, and any deductions if any (due to returning it “not” in the same condition it was bought).

All returns must be accompanied by an (RMA) Return of Merchandise Authorization and can only be obtained within 7 days of receiving the machine or 60 days from the original purchase date, whichever comes first. There will be no returns after 7 days of receiving the merchandise. To obtain an RMA, please contact our customer service during regular business hours. Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM CST.

Warranty information varies depending on the condition of the purchase.  All vending machines that are sold by Vending Concepts will include phone support for the specific machines purchased from Vending Concepts. For further information on our warranty, please see our Warranty Policy.
To use our phone support service the customer must call during regular business hours “while being in front of the machine”. The customer must have their invoice number available and the name by which they purchased the machine to give to our customer service rep and tell us the model of the machine they are seeking support for prior to being connected to our service department. Vending Concepts will only support what we sell. If you didn’t purchase the machine from us we offer paid phone support for most vending machines. Call for details.

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