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CoinCo BA32SA

Starting at $179.00

With the proper Coinco MDB harness, the BA32SA can be used in all MDB capable vending machines! Additionally, this unit has uniquely extra long wires coming from the main unit to the unit’s control board box. This is useful for detaching the control board box and velcroing it elsewhere if you have limited space in the area the bill box is mounted.

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Bezel Style
Currency Acceptance
Compatible Harnesses
    The BA32SA is most useful in machines that have limited space where the bill acceptor is mounted. For instance, machines like the non-MDB USI 3013-3015 snack machine series, select Seaga combo vending machines and select Single Price drink machines all benefit from the extra long wiring design! Lastly, the rectangular, black 18-pin connection & the square, white 9-pin connection allows for the unit to communicate with the 24v Mars serial harness set-up. With the correct harnesses, this unit can connect to the Mars 9-pin power connection & the 18-pin data connection! This feature keeps you from replacing the machine's harnesses if it is currently using the Mars serial wiring set-up.





    24v Mars Serial Interface: Power & Data

    Currency Acceptance


    Money system is used and has been tested and serviced by our trained technicians for customer’s satisfaction.

    Comes standard with a 30-day warranty.

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