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Conlux MCM-5

Starting at $359.00

The Conlux® MCM5 coin changer is compatible with all MDB vending machines and offers increased change capacity. A single-piece coin door provides better visibility of the coin path. The 9-button keypad and improved labeling make it faster and easier to program the device. Operators will also appreciate the third diagnostic LED light on the discriminator to “flag” maintenance needs. With the MCM5 coin changer, we are defining simple and delivering value.

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    The Conlux® MCM5 is an energy saver. Designed to use 30% less power while in idle state than other comparable models. Quick coin payout simultaneously delivers up to 3 coins at once. A User-friendly operation with a 9-button keypad, tool-free access, and back or top-fill tube loading options. Automatic cassette programming to help avoid unintentional errors when using the preconfigured coin cassettes. Also a Diversion path designed to resist saltwater, vandalism, and damage.






    Tube Configuration

    Dollar, Quarter, Quarter, Nickel, Dime



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    Money system is used and has been tested and serviced by our trained technicians for customer’s satisfaction.

    Comes standard with a 30-day warranty.

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