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The Vendo V721 stack drink machine is widely considered the best stack drink machine on the market. Famous for it's "shimless design" you are able to rotate product without changing any parts.  This machine is the epitome of reliability, along with great capacity and a modern design. The Vendo V721 is Engergy Star Rated. MDB, credit card compatible, and DEX ready. The selections are also priced indiviually so all ten selections can be anything from twelve ounce cans through twenty ounce bottles without an issue. If you want a high end, top of the line, innovative machine that has the least likelihood to cause any headaches, this is the machine for you! 

Vendo V721

Condition *See bottom of page for more detail*
  • Manfacturer: Saden Vendo

    Dimensions: 39.5″W x 35″D x 72"H

    Weight: 685 lbs

    Capacity: 10 selections, approximatley 680 12 oz drinks or 300 bottles

    Product Compatibility: 12 oz Can, 16 oz Can, 16.9 oz Bottle, 20 oz Bottle (please call to confirm compatibility for any other size drinks)


    This unit comes standard with an one dollar bill acceptor and 3-tube coin acceptor unless otherwise stated. To add on acceptance of larger currency, high capacity coin acceptor, cashless acceptance, etc. you may do that by visiting our "Add On Options" page, found under the "shop" or "shop now" tabs on our home page. Please note: Some machines are not able to add on some of the available options due to the limitations of technology that varies from different models. Feel free to call with questions or use our chat box.  If there are any issues with your order, in regards to compatibility, a representative will be in contact with you.

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