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The N2GO FEH-B12 is a ADA compliant, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient combo vending machine.

Picture Condition
Location Ready

Credit Card
Bill Acceptor
Coin Acceptor
Entree Unit
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    The N2GO FEH-B12 is ADA compliant, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient. It comes with LED lights, live display drink selections and healthy graphics. Healthy graphics improve traffic and helps the customer purchase from a vending machine guilt-free. 
    Weight 487 lbs
    Dimensions D 28.5" x W 33.75" x H 75"


    Snack Capacity

    21 selections, up to 195 Items
    Entree: 16 selections, up to 78 items

    Drink Capacity

    6 Selections, Approx. 84-118 items (depending on product sizes)

    Drink Compatibility

    12 oz Can, 16 oz Bottle, 16.9 oz Bottle, 16.9 oz Water, 20 oz Bottle



    MDB (Cashless)

    Credit Card Compatible

    Vend Sensor


    Entree Unit Dimensions

    D 28.5" x W 16" x H 75"

    Entree Unit Weight

    187 lbs

    There are no returns on special orders or customer orders (i.e. custom graphics).

    All other items are subject to a 25% restocking charge and shipping charges from us to the buyer (even if it is included in the price of the machine there is a cost) and shipping charges to send the vending machine back to Vending Concepts will be the full responsibility of the buyer. The buyer is also responsible for properly securing the vending machine back on a pallet and wrapping it up to ensure safe shipping back to Vending Concepts. If the machine is sent back and not in the same condition it was in when it shipped from Vending Concepts the buyer will be responsible for all other charges to get the vending machine back in that condition but not to exceed the original cost of the machine.

    There is a cost to free shipping to Vending Concepts. We have to pay full price for shipping (although free to the buyer) and when a buyer wants to return a machine the buyer becomes fully responsible for the complete amount of the shipping costs. Vending Concepts will provide an invoice from the trucking company for the shipping cost from Vending Concepts to the buyer. The buyer is solely responsible for those costs upon returning a machine. The buyer is also solely responsible for all the costs associated with sending the machine back and can elect to use their own shipping or Vending Concepts can assist with obtaining the best quote possible. The buyer will continue to be the owner of the machine until it is received in the :same condition” as was purchased by the buyer and a refund is issued for the machine purchase less shipping, restocking fees and any deductions if any (due to returning it “not” in the same condition it was bought).

    All returns must be accompanied by an (RMA) Return of Merchandise Authorization and can only be obtained within 7 days of receiving the machine. There will be no returns after 7 days of receiving the merchandise. To obtain an RMA, please contact our customer service during regular business hours. Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM CST.

    For further details on condition, please see our Warranty and Return Policy.​


    • Cosmetic condition: 9-10 (Excellent Condition)
    • Painted and bodywork (when applicable)
    • Detail cleaned
    • Thoroughly tested and working
    • Serviced money systems

    Location Ready

    • Cosmetic condition: 6-8 (Good Condition)
    • Normal visible wear and tear, minor scratches, nicks, dents, scuffs, dings, various cosmetic imperfections, etc.
    • Wiped down, not detail cleaned
    • Thoroughly tested and working
    • Serviced money systems

    Checked and Working (As-Is Condition)

    • Cosmetic condition: 1-5
    • As-is cosmetically, scratches, dent, cracks in drink graphic, etc. DOES NOT EFFECT FUNCTION OF THE MACHINE, PURELY COSMETIC DEFICIENCIES
    • Not cleaned
    • Thoroughly tested and working
    • Serviced money systems

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