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Conlux CCM-5

Starting at $209.00

The Conlux CC5MG Coin Changer features a five-tube cassette for greater capacity that minimizes change starvation. It has an “anti-salting” structure that resists salt water and vandalism. The design is very easy to understand and the unit can easily be assembled and disassembled at vend locations without the need to use any special tools. The Conlux CC5MG helps optimize profits by interchanging cassettes in accordance to the appropriate price. Nothing can beat this excellent unit with its outstanding features.

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Coin Configuration
    Features a Five-Tube Cassette for greater capacity that helps eliminates change starvation. Sell more product and avoid costly service calls. Auto Cassette Programming, Cassettes snap into place and coin configurations are automatically recognized by the changer. No programming needed by service technician, no possibility of error. Optimize sales by interchanging cassettes according to vend price. A 3-Coin Payout System that allows for a simultaneous payout of three coins speeds transactions and increases throughput in high-volume locations. Smart Payout integration, unit makes multiple attempts to pay out coins if necessary, virtually ensuring transaction; results in fewer service calls. Also a unique diversion path protects changer and vendor from salt water vandalism and damage. Non-volatile memory ensures that changer will retain its settings and transaction history in case of a power failure. Designed for easy assembly/disassembly and maintenance, even at vend site. A Swing-open cassette base makes for easy collection and change replenishment. No tools required. Expedites cleaning and removal of foreign material. Last Coin Payout, say goodbye to dead inventory!






    Tube Configuration

    Quarter, Quarter, Nickle, Nickle, Dime

    Money system is used and has been tested and serviced by our trained technicians for customer’s satisfaction.

    Comes standard with a 30-day warranty.

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