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Mission Statement

It is my desire as the owner and founder of Vending Concepts to have a spirit of excellence throughout my company. For each manager and employee to do an outstanding job no matter what their function happens to be. I believe in applying the biblical principal that Jesus taught us which is "do unto others as you would have them do to you". It's not do to others as they would do to you, which is quite different. With that said, it is my goal to lead by example in honesty, integrity, work ethic, reliability and although as much as I strive to be all that I know I will fail at times....so will my employees. But we will make it right for you our customer when we do! We won't lie and manipulate the truth to cover our mistakes. I will readily admit it and find a fast solution to the problem and by doing so set the standard very high for those who work along side of me.

Here at Vending Concepts, "the truck is not broken down" unless it really is! We will let our yes be yes and our no be no! Put another way, we will operate and deal in the truth amongst each other as a company and with our valued customers and clients locally and throughout the nation. For those we are mentoring in the vending business it is our goal for you to be successful in your new venture. We will use the full capabilities of our company to help you be successful with the various levels of support that you need. By doing so we are insuring our success as well as your own by the unique partnership we offer. Each one of our managers have been in their prospective fields for many, many years and have demonstrated a "like mindedness" with me in regard to my mission statement and expertise in their various positions.Therefore, I can say with confidence that we are truly ready to serve you!

Best Regards!

Louis P. LaVilla III


Vending Concepts